Therapy and Counselling

Therapy / counselling is a dialogue. The goal of therapy/ counselling is to change behaviour, to gain an understanding of behaviour and the role it plays, to increase insight awareness and skills.  I am trained in a number of therapies and as such am client focused in the therapeutic process.   I am not bound by one theory, but have a systems approach and practice with a variety of techniques , for example EMDR has been found to be very effective in the treatment of trauma with child, teen or adult. Trauma is self defined and is not limited to catastrophic events.


It is common for children to experience occasional problems as they grow and mature. They experience conflicts at home over such issues as toilet training, bedtime and homework. However, occasionally a child’s response to life’s pressures may become severe, and the parents’ attempts to help their child may be unsuccessful. If a child’s reaction includes uncharacteristic school failure, fear of sleeping alone or heightened anxiety when separating from a parent, it indicates that normal functioning has become disrupted and it may be time to seek professional assistance.


Growing up can raise all kinds of difficulties, there are challenges faced at school, learning difficulties, parent – teen relationships, peer relationships, including the conflict that can arise in the teen’s home life and the teen’s desire for independence. Other factors can also come into play, such as bullying, pressure to engage in sexualized behaviour, academic stress, getting involved with alcohol or drugs and concerns with eating or compulsive behaviour.


Families today are constantly changing – going through separation, divorce, remarriage, bereavement or immigration. These can place all sorts of difficulties on family’s relationships – arguments, conflict, and resentment.

There are also other factors affecting family life – domestic violence, childhood abuse or neglect, bullying, alcohol or drug addictions, finances, use of computers and the internet or social networks.

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