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The beginning of the CNE, Canadian National Expo, also sounds the beginning of another significant event – BACK TO SCHOOL. And if we somehow missed that, we are constantly reminded by the many media advertisements. Stores want you to buy their merchandise – clothes, shoes, computer, stationary, furniture etc. Back to school can be stressful to parents and children.

If you have a child starting school for the first time, or going back to school or if you are the child, you are faced with many decisions and emotions, besides what clothes or shoes will make them popular.

If school is a new experience for both you as a parent or you as the child, you will be embarking on a new journey. You may feel both excitement and anxiety as you leave your precious child to the influences of teachers, school and other students.

If your child is going back to school again, you may hope your child is not going to be bullied this year or again; will not cry because he or she has to separate from  you to go to school; will not have repeated stomach aches that will stop him or her from going to school or that  you will not get a call from the teacher to state that your child is disruptive to the class.

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